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Contact Information


Academic Support Providers

Nikki Arenal

(707) 556-5700 ext. 51086


Alejandra Rafael

(707) 556-5700 ext. 51087


Parent Liaison

Mark Victa

(707) 556-8550 ext. 58041


Bilingual Liaison

Ivan Zuniga

(707) 556-5700 ext. 51015



Bonita Knuckles

(707) 556-5700 ext. 51101


Positive Youth Justice Initiative Liaison

Tommy Harris

(707) 556-5700 ext. 51128


Full Service Community School

About Full Service Community Schools

FSCS Overview:

The purpose of establishing the Vallejo Full Service Community Schools Program (VFSCS) is to ensure students have clear pathways from Preschool to College and Career. The VFSCS program provides comprehensive academic, social, mental, and physical education services to meet student, family, and community needs beginning in the North Vallejo community.

FSCS Goal and Objectives:

The goal of the Vallejo Full Service Community Schools (FSCS) is to improve student academic achievement and well being through the offering of comprehensive high-quality services.  The following are the program's main objectives:

  • Improve student achievement (closing the achievement gap)

  • Improve student attendance

  • Reduce student referrals, suspensions, and expulsions

  • Increase student well-being in a range of health indices

  • Improve school campus safety

  • Increase parent involvement in their children's education


Visit the VCUSD Full Service Community Schools webpage for more information.

JBHS On-Campus Resources


On-Campus Resources:

Family Resource Center

School Nurse


School Psychologists

Academic Counseling

Mental Health Counseling

Parent Liaison

Bilingual Liaison

Positive Youth Justice Initiative Liaison


On-Campus Organizations:

Fighting Back Partnership

Kaiser Permanente Clinic

Planned Parenthood

Solano Coalition for Better Health

Destination College

Pact Inc.


Contact JBHS Academic Support Providers Alejandra Rafael or Nicole “nikki” Arenal if you would like more information or to get connected to these resources.