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Main Office & Attendance

Attendance Notification

Parents/guardians of students who are absent must notify the school within 3 days of an absence to clear the absence by either:

Written Note:   Notes can be dropped off at attendance window or faxed to (707) 638-3555

E-mail:  For all students, email Rashida Samuels at 

Phone Call:  Attendance Office - (707) 556-5700 - Option #1

*The parent/guardian has 3 days to clear the absence. If the absence is not cleared with appropriate documentation, it remains on the student's record as a cut/truant.

Main Office & Attendance

Contact LeVon Haynes  LeVon Haynes (707) 556-5700 ex: 51005 VP Office Support (Cronan & Keith)
Contact Aiesha Jones  Aiesha Jones (707) 556-5700 ex: 51001 Main Office Support
Contact Gary Lee  Gary Lee Site Safety Lead
Contact Monica Ligons  Monica Ligons (707) 556-5700 ex: 51002 Office Manager, Supporting Dr. Cusi
Contact DeeDee Murray  DeeDee Murray (707) 556-5700 ex: 51007 VP Office Support (Ettner & Olinga)
Contact Danny Rogers  Danny Rogers Lead Custodian (day)
Contact Rashida Samuels  Rashida Samuels (707) 556-5700 ex: Option 1 Attendance; Students last name (A-K)
Contact Denise Sponsler  Denise Sponsler (707) 556-5700 ex: 51014 ASB/Student Finance
Contact Ivan Zuniga  Ivan Zuniga (707) 556-5700 ex: 51015 Bilingual Communication Liaison