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Registrar's Office

Registrar's Office Hours

Ms. Riza Garabato is our school Registrar. The Registrar’s Office is located in the Counseling Office and is open from 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. FAX: (707) 638-3555.

Transcript Request

All transcripts are ordered through the district website. Please click the link below to order your transcripts.


Transcript Order


  1. A parent/legal guardian must be present to register the student(s) (bring photo identification and/or legal documentation)
  2. Check Out/Exit Grades (if enrolling during the school year)
  3. Last Report Card (if enrolling at the beginning of the year for incoming 9th grade only)
  4. Transcript
  5. A complete and current record of immunization s from your doctor/clinic, meeting the requirements of the California Department of Health
  6. An original birth certificate, certified or clear copy of the birth certificate, passport, hospital registration of birth (signed by a doctor, Immigration Visa or in the case of foster child if any of the above are not available, a letter from Social Services (signed letter) verifying the birth date.)
  7. Proof Address – 2 current utility bills (at least 30 days), or close of escrow documents (Note: a driver’s License NOT an acceptable proof of address). If the name on the utility bill is not the name of the parent/guardian, the individual named on the proof of residence must be present when the student is enrolling and copy of that individual’s driver’s license will be taken.
  8.  If a student is in Special Education, a meeting with Special Services at 665 Walnut Avenue, Mare Island, CA is required and must call (707)  556-8921.
  9. If documentations (Item 1-7) are not complete, registration process may be delayed.


  1. Student(s) must be accompanied by parent/guardian when dis-enrolling. Phone calls will not be acceptable.
  2. Student(s) must return textbooks/books.
  3. Student(s) must meet with the Registrar to dis-enroll.
  4. Student(s) must attend the entire school day to obtain exit grades and enrollment packet for the next school.
  5. No official transcript will  be sent to the next school if the student owes school/book fees.