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Multimedia Academy

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Welcome to the Multimedia Academy

The Multimedia Academy is a career pathway for students who are interested in pursuing the exciting careers available in the digital arts. It prepares students for their choice of employment upon completion or entry into secondary schools that emphasize multimedia. Partnerships in the community are established to give our students real commercial experience in the field.

2017 Senior Sunrise


Clay Muster - Lead Teacher

Multimedia Ext. 51099


Jen Cronan

Multimedia Ext. 51010


Janet Clark

Special Education Ext. 51075


Lucy Datu

Science Ext. 51051


Charles Davenport

Science Ext. 51047


Daniel Gaines

English Ext. 51028


Lauren Galapate

English Ext. 51037


Scott Heinecke

Social Science Ext. 51117


Aaron Vang

Counselor Ext. 51100


Michael Williamson

Math Ext. 51029


Avila Elvira

Math Ext. 51140


Stan Winkley

Social Science Ext. 51036


David Zapp

Art Ext. 51106