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The Law Academy

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About The Law Academy

The Law Academy was first established by Ron Garrison, a passionate and committed educator. Our Lead Teacher for the Law Academy is Katrina Traylor. Supporting Ms.Traylor as the lead of the community advisory is Judge Dan Healy, a renowned Superior Court Judge,who has been assisting the academy by helping to put together an advisory team of some of the best and brightest in the field.

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Objectives of The Law Academy

Knowledge and skills in the field of law-related career exploration will be acquired within a sequential, National Academy Foundation accredited program that integrates classroom, field-based and problem/project-constructed instruction. Pathway instruction is designed to prepare students for technical training, postsecondary education end entry to variety of career options within the numerous law-related professions.   

May Newsletter Articles

Law Academy Newsletter Articles:

State Capitol Field Trip

On April 20, 2015, our Law academy participated in a field excursion to the California State Capitol in downtown Sacramento. The bus departed from Jesse Bethel at 7:50AM and arrived at the capitol around 9:00AM. Upon our arrival, our academy students interacted with other students from other schools who also partook in the State Capitol’s historical tour of the capitol building. The students proudly wore their Law Academy dress shirts, embroidered with the Law Academy’s logo. Academy students learned the origin of legislation and how it is conducted in California. Students were also able to visit the governor’s office and sit in the exact room where California bills are passed or vetoed by California’s state legislature on a regular basis. The Law Academy thanks the state capitol for hosting the fieldtrip. (Breanna Adams, Phillip Nuval)


Mentorship Meetings

Over the course of the 2014-2015 school year, the Law Academy successfully conducted three mentorship meetings. These meetings entailed students being introduced to a variety of legal professionals and working with them to gain knowledge of career options open to them after graduation. The first mentorship meeting was held in early January. This meeting was mainly focused on discussing the purpose of the program and introducing students to their mentors. The second meeting was held in early March. This meeting was far more interactive than the first one and really gave students a chance to talk about themselves to their mentors. The second meeting was by far the most successful meeting, simply because students were more accustomed to the agenda, and felt as if their opinions were heard. An amenity of the second mentorship meeting was the reception held shortly after its conclusion. The final mentorship meeting was held in late April. This meeting served as a wrap up session, and focused on writing and reviewing resumes made by students. Multiple Vallejo police were able to show their presence and discuss their personal experiences. To accompany the police narratives, a panel of other guest speakers were allotted time to speak. In conclusion, because of the success of the mentorship meetings this school year, the Law Academy will continue to hold meetings next school year. (Breanna Adams, Phillip Nuval)


Law Academy Guest Speakers

The Law Academy has had the pleasure of hosting two guest speakers in Mr. Giatti’s law class since the end of spring break.

In March, the first guest speaker, Jill Sowards, a housing attorney,  came in and talked to the students about disputes between landlords and tenants. Sowards carefully laid out several different fascinating scenarios and gave the students a chance to analyze each one. Following each scenario were a number of questions that the students were asked to answer; the questions served as a demonstration of comprehension. The students really appreciated Soward’s approach to educating the class, and the humor infused into each scenario.

In April, a second guest speaker, Esther Moore, a family law attorney, came in and discussed a child custody case with the class. Moore provided a down-to-earth approach to each of the student’s questions. Many students found Moore relatable and very interesting.

The Law Academy thanks both of the guest speakers and hopes they will speak again next school year. (Breanna Adams, Phillip Nuval)


Advisory Board Meeting

In late April, three law academy students were given the opportunity to speak at Jesse Bethel’s monthly advisory board meeting. During this meeting, staff received feedback from the students on all of the events in the Law Academy this school year. The Law Academy strongly believes that students have a voice that needs to be heard so that the academy is constantly improved. This meeting was a huge success and more students will have the opportunity to volunteer to speak at the next advisory board meeting in May. (Breanna Adams)

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