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Jesse Bethel High School

Our mission is to meet or exceed our goals in the area of equity, excellence, educational effectiveness and economic sustainability which determines our daily efforts.

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    Please click below for Tutoring help in English and Math- Starting on Sept. 15th

    Jesse Bethel - Essential Learning Standards

    Parents/Students- We Have new attendance Codes!!!

    -SAT testing Information-

    Due to the Coronavirus, many SAT and AP testing centers have closed, including Jesse Bethel High School. For more information on SAT and AP test center closings, visit the College Board at:

    Bell Schedule for 2020-2021

    Monday, Tuesday,                                                 

    Thursday, and Friday                  

    Period 1: 8:30-9:10                                                   

    Period 2: 9:20- 10:00                                                          

    Break- 20 Minutes                                                                 

    Period 3: 10:20- 11:00                                                     

    Office Hours: 11:10- 11:50                                     

    Lunch- 11:50-12:20                                                       

    Period 4: 12:20- 1:00                                                            

    Period 5: 1:10-1:50                                                                 

    Period 6: 2:00- 2:40                                                                 

    Office Hours 2:50- 3:30     


     Period 1: 8:30- 9:10  

     Period 2: 9:20- 10:00

     Break- 20 Minutes     

    Period 3: 10:20- 11:00 

     Period 4: 11:10- 11:50  

     Lunch- 11:50-12:20

     Period 5: 12:20- 1:00

     Period 6: 1:10- 1:50                        

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    VCUSD Parent Portal


    View your student's achievement and attendance:

    • Stay up-to-date with assignments, state assessments, attendance, grades, test scores and more
    • Multi-lingual support

     VCUSD Student/Parent Portal

    Aeries Parent Portal - FAQs

    How do I get an Aeries Student or Parent Portal account?

    When a parent/guardian's email address is entered into Aeries by the school staff, accounts are created automatically.  Student accounts are created by the school district.  

    What if I forgot my password?

    Click the "Forgot Password?" link on the login page. 

    How do I change my password?

    Once logged in, click Options to change password.

    Can I add separate emails to view student progress?

    Yes. Notify your school's office and let them know that you want another person in your child's Contacts records to have viewable access. 

    I still can't get into my portal account.  What do I do?

    Contact your school's office staff and confirm that the email is the one in your child's Aeries profile. 

    Welcome to Jesse Bethel High School-  Where ALL means all!!!

    Welcome to Jesse Bethel High School, Where ALL Means ALL!

    • All Jaguars respect each other and themselves.

    • All Jaguars are provided equitable access to instruction and curriculum.

    • All Jaguars assume best intent.

    • All Jaguars are expected to succeed.

    • All Jaguars and their family, are included in All that we do.

    NJROTC Updates

    Sail Academy is now taking sign-ups! Learn how to be the captain of your own sailboat - click here for more info!

    Summer Orientation information - click here!